Degree Days are 'Actual' -

based on individual temperature readings throughout the day.

Plant Development Dates:

Green Tip 04/15/2003

First Blossom 05/06/2003

Last Petal 05/27/2003

University of Maryland Model:

Apple threshold (80 DD>40) used for Blossom blight

'Steps' key:

G Green Tip; from green tip date until Canker blight symptoms

B Blossom; from first blossom date until Blossom blight symptoms (or Last Petal falls)

H 198 Degree Hours > 65 requirement met

W Wetness (dew or rain) requirement met

T Average temperature >= 60

X Trauma; from trauma event date

Washington State University (Cougarblight) Model:

Pathogen Potential column header key:

a No fire blight in area in past two seasons

b Fire blight in local area in past two seasons

c Fire blight in local area last year

d Fire blight in orchard last year

e Active cankers present nearby

Infection Risk key:

0 Very low

1 Low

2 Low-Moderate

3 Moderate

4 High